Meet TheMDChef

Hey, I'm Elliot. Welcome to TheMDChef! I'm an Internal Medicine resident at Emory University with an interest in Preventative Medicine and Cardiology.

I was born in NYC and raised at the Jersey Shore. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. I then went straight on to study medicine at Emory University in Atlanta, where I continue to train as a resident. I work predominantly at Emory Hospital, Grady Memorial, and the VA, which enables me to work with patients across the entire socioeconomic and health literacy spectrum.

In my double life, I am a passionate home cook. I especially enjoy making food for friends and family. I love to throw elaborate dinner parties in the spirit of Ina Garten. It's definitely my creative and social outlet away from my otherwise demanding (though very fulfilling) career in medicine. Not surprisingly, as my days in the hospital become increasingly busy, my desire to spend hours after work creating spectacular meals has grown exponentially. (My friends don't seem to be complaining).

While I love to indulge in great food as often as possible, I am an advocate for moderation. I've learned the hard way (multiple times over) that balance is essential for a healthy and happy life. This is very much the way I approach eating and cooking. While I generally follow dietary patterns of the heart-healthy, Mediterranean diet, I have no qualms about about eating a giant steak here and there as I please. I hope the foods and recipes I share reflect those ideals.

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